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vox of life

isolation silence

 talk  to people from different walks of life with just your  voice 


vox et praeterea nihil


a voice and nothing more

Now more than ever we must practice social distancing. However, we were inspired by Social Distancing practices to change everyone's Social Distance.

Vox of Life encourages spontaneous one-on-one conversations with people through a short voice call.

alone  cabin fever 
 isolated   fear   unknown 

 mental health 

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how does it work?

in just 3 steps


set your time(s)

Begin with filling a simple form where you will set your time to speak with a different walk of life. We provide you with 5 blocks a day, 4 times a week.


random matches

Get matched with individuals solely based on availability. Randomness is prioritized! By ignoring filters, we open more borders. Goal is to have  spontaneous conversations  with all walks of life, ignoring gender, race, religion, disability.


get talking

15 minutes before the call, the matches receive a unique link to a voice-only room. No personal information is exchanged, including your name and number. 

Get straight to talking! Skip the tireless back and forth messaging and start the conversation as you would in person - with voice.​

join our waitlist to get early access

Your information is stored securely and is only used for onboarding purposes. We do not spam nor exchange contact information between matches.

 channels you would like to be part of 
 birthday channel - celebrate with your twin 
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have meaningful spontaneous conversations within your groups, and for things you love

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